100 things you might find on the street in Salthaven

A salty random table!

14-12-2021 - 2 minutes, 47 seconds -
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This is part of a series where I blog about the development of the coastal setting of Salthaven.

Every coastal town has a lot of junk on the streets right? I figured mine would anyway. So here is a list of 100 mostly junk items!

100 things you might find on the street in Salthaven

  1. Passed out drunk sailor at the side of the muddy road
  2. Smelly jar of pickled herring
  3. Mongrel dog chewing on driftwood
  4. Rusty fishing hook
  5. Half-full bottle of dark rum
  6. Fisherman's oilskin rain hat with half a dozen holes
  7. Cats fighting over a fish head
  8. Broken brass compass
  9. 3 copper coins
  10. Slimy lump of seaweed
  11. Small pouch of wet tobacco
  12. Dried out crimson starfish
  13. Thoroughly used handkerchief
  14. Raven feather quill pen
  15. Thick golden earring
  16. Bundle of patched sailcloth
  17. Blackened silver snuff box
  18. Thistles growing on a street corner
  19. Barnacle-covered anchor
  20. Jar of old grease
  21. Sheet music of an old folk song
  22. 120 feet fishing line of dubious durability
  23. Tin medallion inscribed with a codfish
  24. Rusty iron sextant
  25. Broken round spectacles
  26. Rat-nibbled pieces of hardtack
  27. Seagull flying away with someone's lunch
  28. Lost wedding band inscribed with "E"
  29. Tangled up fishing net
  30. Tin flask of decent rum
  31. Broken pegleg
  32. Muddy seashell horn that summons fish
  33. Silver belt buckle depicting a great whale
  34. Someone throwing waste out of the window
  35. Oar with its blade broken in half
  36. Pile of oyster shells
  37. Dull mariner's knife
  38. Stack of broken fishing rods
  39. Mischief of rats feasting on some moldy bread
  40. Wooden bucket of rainwater
  41. Map of the surrounding islands
  42. Town watch's brass badge
  43. Crying child looking for its parents
  44. Dented brass bullseye lantern
  45. 20 feet of tarred hemp rope
  46. Neatly stacked mussel shells
  47. Silver pendant depicting a sea goddess
  48. Stranded fish flopping on the street
  49. Rolled up fishing calendar
  50. Long curved dagger with fresh blood on it
  51. Mermaid doll missing one eye
  52. Tin button engraved with an anchor
  53. Rain-filled leather boot
  54. Tiny wooden box of sea salt
  55. Torn sweat-stained linen shirt
  56. Greasy boat hook
  57. Crab walking diagonally across the street
  58. Mariner's hatchet with a broken handle
  59. Leather belt pouch filled with sand
  60. Needle made of whale bone
  61. Box of wet blackpowder
  62. Charred tree stump split in half
  63. Bucket of smelly tar
  64. Smuggler mark pointing out a safehouse
  65. Cultists handing out pamphlets
  66. Faded love letter to a distant island
  67. Roughly cut emerald gemstone
  68. Clay jar of cod roe
  69. Jaw harp with a tooth next to it
  70. 6 silver coins
  71. Fishing float made of cork
  72. Faded and torn flag with fish emblem
  73. Frighteningly large shark tooth on a string
  74. Bag of moldering rye flour
  75. Flat rocks neatly stacked on top of each other
  76. Rusty cannonball
  77. Pig chased by a furious butcher
  78. Old block and tackle
  79. Wooden figure depicting a fisherman
  80. Book on ghost stories of the region
  81. Itchy wool sweater
  82. Worms trying to escape the rain
  83. Letter of debt ripped in two pieces
  84. Wooden pendant of intertwined thorn brambles
  85. Deck of playing cards missing the king of hearts
  86. Dented wooden cudgel
  87. Green sea urchin shell
  88. Dirty sailor's hammock
  89. Pouch of 23 silver coins dropped by a cutpurse
  90. Pieces of dried pike
  91. Incredibly sharp fist-sized rock
  92. Drunken sailors singing sea shanties
  93. Beat up brass spyglass
  94. Collection of impeccably tied knots
  95. Set of dice made of bone
  96. Wet firewood
  97. 4 gold coins
  98. Black candle stumps
  99. Tankard of foul grog
  100. Smuggler's cache