Curse of the Emerald Sea

I published a swashbuckling sandbox setting for Knave

16-09-2021 - 0 minutes, 37 seconds -
osr homebrew knave setting


It's been a while since I've been active here, but that's about to change. I have a couple of interesting posts coming up but figured I'd start with this sandbox setting I made for Knave.

Curse of the Emerald Sea is the culmination of a game I played with my game group earlier this year. It started out as a bunch of random tables in a text document and ended up being my first paid product on DrivethruRPG and

You can find it here:


It was the first product I published using actual publishing software and I learned a lot while doing it, which prompted my next project: The Frozen Temple of Glacier Peak. That's for another post though!