d10 relics for Cairn

Some magic items to use for Cairn

29-12-2021 - 1 minute, 33 seconds -
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Some relics for the excellent Cairn by Yochai Gal.


  1. Skull Cap, 1 charge. A helmet that transforms the bearer's head into the appearance of a skull until dawn. Recharge: Bury with human bones for one night.
  2. Hood of Silence, 2 charges. A hood that envelops the bearer in complete silence, both unable to hear and speak. Recharge: Meditate in absolute silence for 1 hour with the hood pulled up.
  3. Pouch of the Herbalist, 1 charge. Produces a small amount of herbs or magical reagents that are present within 5,000ft. of the bearer. Recharge: Place any kind of herb within the pouch and close it for one day.
  4. Dagger of Returning, 3 charges. A throwing dagger that returns to its bearer's hand if it misses its target. Recharge: Hit any target three times in a row.
  5. Chainmail of Quick Assembly, 2 charges. A disassembled chainmail armor that instantly assembles itself onto its bearer using a command word. Say the command word again to disassemble it into its pouch. Recharge: Soak the chainmail in oil for 1 hour.
  6. Bracelet of Slithering, 2 charges. A jade bracelet that transforms into a 10 STR 11 DEX 8 WIL venomous snake under the bearer's control. Recharge: Feed the snake with something living.
  7. Rope of Attachment, 5 charges. The end of this 50ft. rope attaches to any surface. Pull twice to release it. Recharge: Cut off 5ft. of the rope.
  8. Candle of Darkness, 7 charges. A candle that emanates pure darkness instead of light in a 10ft. radius. Recharge: Cannot recharge.
  9. Shield of Magnetism, 5 charges. When a metal weapon is blocked with this shield, the weapon gets stuck to the shield. Recharge: The shield must be hit with a direct lightning strike.
  10. Rock Shovel, 1 charge. Shovels solid rock like it would be dirt. Recharge: Spend 1 hour shoveling dirt in the rain.