Gary Gygax 75 Challenge - Week 2

Hexmap and random encounters

23-09-2020 - 1 minute, 2 seconds -
osr gygax75 homebrew

Next step in the journey towards building a campaign setting in 5 weeks.

I finished the week 2 challenge after just 2 days. Of course it could be polished more, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

I'll probably add more random encounter tables and a bestiary, but that's out of scope for this challenge.

I have sort of settled for a name now: Borealis Australis, The Frozen & Savage Archipelago.

Borealis and Australis are going to be two areas with the former being the north part of the map and the latter the south part.

Most islands of the archipelago are connected by sea ice which is completely solid in winter, and not so solid in summer. In winter you can simply walk across the ice while in summer you need a ship with an icebreaker to navigate the archipelago.

I tried to get somewhat creative with the encounters. Most of the creatures are unique, or rather variants on other creatures. I also wanted to show a bit of the shamanism and druidism which one might encounter in the wild. I'm hoping to pull off a mysterious and mythical vibe where things are not as you might expect.


Hex map

Random encounters (Snowy wilderness)