Gary Gygax 75 Challenge - Week 3

A dungeon. No actually - A full adventure module!

09-10-2020 - 0 minutes, 51 seconds -
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Last week I finished week 3 of the Gary Gygax 75 Challenge. In that part of the challenge you are supposed to create and populate a dungeon. I did that. And a whole lot more!

What was supposed to be a fairly simple one page dungeon blew up completely and turned into a 13 page adventure module!

It features a mini setting, wilderness encounters, the icy mining and harbor town of Flashfreeze, and a dungeon called Australis Barrows - The Halls of Eternal Ice.

You can download it for free on DriveThruRPG or


Since I went ahead and created a town already I decided to check the 4th week of the challenge off. It's not as detailed as the challenge dictates, but I think I have reached my personal goal of creating a small setting in less than 5 weeks.

So: This marks the end of my Gygax 75 Challenge series. There are other projects I am ready to sink my teeth into though, so stay tuned for more!