Inspirational Dice

An exercise in creative motivation

24-09-2020 - 1 minute, 25 seconds -
homebrew dice creativity inspiration motivation

During these plague-ridden days it’s difficult to go out and experience new things to become inspired or motivated. We need something to break free from our regular patterns. I created this abstract system to help with that. It’s an exercise in letting the mind wander and attain new experiences from within. It can be used to fuel creative processes or simply to attain a fresh state of mind.

What you need

10 six-sided dice of two different colors. Preferably black and white, but any will work.

Something like this is perfect

How it works

  • Take a deep breath. Begin with a thought of anything, it could be the noise outside your window, a cloud on the sky, or a childhood memory.
  • If you enjoy or feel inspired by this thought, pick a white die and roll on the white table. If you’re not pleased with this thought, pick a black die and roll on the black table. Pick it up and keep it in a pile.
  • Keep your thought in mind and change it in line with the result on the table. Then roll on the tables again with your new thought in mind. Once again picking the appropriate color.
  • Keep building on this thought until there are only dice of one color left. This marks the end of the game. Write down your final thoughts.
  • If you still don’t feel inspired, try again!

Black table

  1. Think about something else
  2. Change a physical property
  3. Think about the opposite
  4. Put it in another location
  5. Combine it with a memory
  6. Combine it with a new thought

White table

  1. Add a feeling
  2. Add a sound
  3. Add a smell
  4. Add a person
  5. Add a detail
  6. Add motion