Kickstarter Top 5 - September 2021

A look at some of the more interesting kickstarters

17-09-2021 - 2 minutes, 46 seconds -
kickstarter top5

I said that this would be part of a series exactly one year ago, so better late than never, here we are!

The following are some campaigns of note that are currently on Kickstarter (as of September 17). While I don't intend to back all of them, they all have interesting elements that peaked my interest. It seems like we're in a bit of a dry spell when it comes to niche/OSR content this month (the stuff I like), but there are some gems.

Let's begin with the top contender!

#1 Herbalist's Primer

Why do I need this? I'm sure this is a question a lot of us backers have asked. Well, the answer is simple: It's awesome! A beautiful book on plants and herbs to give out to your players as an in-game artifact. And just look at all the extra stuff you get: a poster, notebook, plant-based adventure zine, and 100 reference cards! $40 is a steal for all of that. And for anyone who likes fancy books, they just unlocked a new reward tier with a cloth-bound, gold-foiled hardcover book, on beautiful paper, and two ribbon bookmarks. What's not to like?

#2 Andromeda: Module for Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG

Mothership has an insane amount of fantastic modules. And here is another one that looks like it fits the bill. An 8-page booklet that folds out into an A3 map. Risograph printed on 175gsm embossed paper with fluorescent green ink. It glows in the dark. Let me repeat that. It glows in the dark! And you can even get a custom etched UV flashlight to go with it. I love it.

#3 Stars Without Number RPG: Offset Print Edition

Kevin Crawford has recharged his batteries after his very successful Worlds Without Number campaign and is now back to give Stars Without Number the same offset-printed treatment. While this game is old news, it's finally getting the high quality print it deserves. Certainly a book that would stand out in any bookshelf. Don't forget that Crawford also offers most of the book for free as a PDF.

#4 RANE IN BLOOD: Mothership Adventure & Antagonist Sourcebook

Yet another Mothership module. Space pirates, cults, organ thieves, failed clones, genetic vampires. As put by the author himself: Rane in Blood is Passenger 57 meets Blade, meets Castlevania, meets Francis Ford Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula ... in space ... with a touch of homage to my favorite action hero of the 90s, Wesley Snipes! Will be keeping an eye open for this one. Unfortunately there is no shipping outside the US, but perhaps it will be available after the campaign.

#5 Alien Armory

I tried hard and long to find something interesting for the last spot on this list that wasn't another Mothership module, but there simply isn't much going on right now. So here we go! Alien Armory is a book featuring a collection of bio-punk weapons, armors and equipment for Mothership. The images all look like they've been taken from an old science textbook and I think it fits very well with the theme of Mothership. The one thing that peaked my interest was that LF OSR is publishing the deluxe edition for the book. Might be worth backing for that reason alone.

And that's the end of this time's top list! Until next time.