Simple side quest for Salthaven

Smuggled goods

21-12-2021 - 1 minute, 6 seconds -
homebrew writing salthaven


Just one of the simple side quests I had in mind for Salthaven.

Baron Werner von Geld, the wealthy merchant baron from the distant lands to the west, wants someone to pick up a shipment for him. The party must meet a boat at midnight outside Echo Cove then bring the shipment through the caves into town. The caves are patrolled by the town watch, so they must be careful. The baron hands over a partial map of the cave system.

Smuggling boat

Small sailing ship painted black, with black sails. Almost invisible at night.


From the boat: A "flash". A flintlock pistol without a barrel. Produces a blue flash when ignited. From the beach: A (bulls-eye) lantern flashed with the following signal: --. --- .-.. -.. (means gold).


Crates with rum bottles. Gunpowder, flintlock pistols, cutlasses, are hidden beneath. The rum can be used to bribe guards if caught.


The cave system is frequently patrolled by town guards. It houses some other hidden smuggling caches

d6 Sea monster attack (1d4+1 monsters)

  1. Attacks the smugglers before the shipment is received
  2. Attacks both the party and smugglers when the shipment is received
  3. Attacks the party on the way to shore
  4. Attacks the party on the shore
  5. Attacks the party in the cave
  6. Attacks the town guard in the cave