The final journey

A story prompt

17-01-2022 - 1 minute, 13 seconds -
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You died.

You don't remember how it happened. Only that afterwards you were falling. Falling through a void of misty blue. It didn't feel dark or cold or sad as you had imagined. It just felt as if you were a snowflake among countless other snowflakes falling through the winter sky, getting buffeted by the wind here and there, circling and twirling and dancing with the other snowflakes. You felt connected to them. Like you were a part of something bigger and all-encompassing. And then you stopped falling, landing peacefully. And everything went dark and silent.

You see light again. Vague shapes start to coalesce around you. A wooden pier beneath you. A two-story building to your side. A vast steel-grey sea to your other side. Above, nothing. Not darkness or light, just nothing.

You wait. Then you realize time has no meaning here. So you stop waiting.

A ship arrives. What does it look like?

  • A sailing ship
  • A luxurious yacht
  • A simple rowboat
  • An iceberg carved into the shape of a ship
  • A bathtub toy ship
  • A raft with a little hut on it

A shape exits the ship and moves towards you. At first, formless and intangible. As it moves closer you can see a smiling face and a captain's hat. A hand extends towards you. You take the hand. The smiling captain speaks with you.

“Welcome to the final journey! I'm the captain and I will be your guide to the afterlife!"