The Quaranzine!

Our community zine is finished

08-10-2021 - 2 minutes, 3 seconds -
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After a month of receiving submissions, we have now finally finished compiling the community zine The Quaranzine.

Personally, this project has been a way for me to get the community over here in Korea together one last time before I leave for my home country after three years. Even though this project involved far from all people I've gamed with during this time, it was still really nice to be able to create a permanent memento for all of us.

You can get the PDF through the links below


DrivethruRPG (with optional donation to Doctors Without Borders):

Or if you would prefer a full color physical print, we have made it available at cost of printing (ie. we make $0 off this) on Lulu:

I learned a lot while putting this thing together. Here are some of my learnings:

  • Affinity Publisher does not handle imported pdf:s well. It took a while to figure out that I needed to install each font myself before it would accept them and maintain the correct formatting
  • Even tiny differences in page size will cause a ruckus when trying to submit a file for print to Lulu. Next time I do something like this I think I will ask everyone to use the prepared templates
  • Book design is difficult! I have so much respect for people who do this for a living
  • Do research on parts that need to be credited as quickly as possible. We had some content that contains parts from The Dark of Hot Springs Island by Swordfish Islands. I didn't think to ask for permission until just a couple of days remained until the deadline. This meant we had to change or redact some content when releasing
  • Check that nobody else uses your title already. Case in point:
  • Count with changes. We made A LOT of changes during the course of the project. So plan to make changes from the beginning and have the attitude that nothing is set in stone
  • Lulu only shows two authors as main authors (the top two alphabetically) while the rest are listed in the fine print below

All in all, it was a fulfilling project and I had a lot of fun with it. What made me the most happy was to see all the amazing content the collaborators came up with. It was also nice to see that we published content by some people who never published anything before.