Let's Get This Blog Started!

What is it and why?

20-09-2020 - 2 minutes, 59 seconds -
about biography

I have been extremely interested in tabletop role-playing ever since my childhood friend introduced me to them back in the mid 90s. I spent countless hours reading Swedish RPG books (Eon and Drakar & Demoner) and creating my own settings. I didn't get to play much, as I was terrified of asking my friend's role-playing club if I could join. After all, they were much older than me (scary!).

However, I did produce Ialath. A game of classic Tolkien creatures with a twist. Elves were cursed and outcast humans, isolated for ages. The years of isolation had turned them into the shape of a classic archetypal elf. There were also actual humans who were imperialistic and cruel, dwarves living in the mountains, and orcs in the swamps. There was also a large population of undead, elves and humans who had died in battle with each other.

Ialath - A game by 12 year old me The front cover of Ialath, the game I wrote as a 12 year old

Despite its name this blog is not about Ialath or my childhood though. It's about my rekindled passion for the game of role-playing.

After having spent upwards of 15 years outside of the hobby, I rediscovered it thanks to a meetup in Seoul, where I live as an expat. A group of other role-players (mainly expats) gather once a week at a placed called Dice Latte to blow off some steam and play Dungeons & Dragons (Adventurers League). I spent months hesitating before going. Mainly out of comfort and laziness.

The place was located an hour's commute from where I lived after all. Excuses. Finally I got my shit together and went to the meetup on the very first day of 2020 (completely oblivious to the impending pandemic). The café was empty except for a few other foreigners.

My first character was Rumir, a level 1 fighter. I ended up playing a session together with a gnome and a DM who had to use a DMPC since we were only 2 players. It was fun, but didn't really click at that time.

I went back the next week. New DM. New adventure. Same character. More players. And this time, it stuck.

We played the Modron AL trilogy beginning with the module A Scream in the Night. It was marvelous. Murder mustery, combat, a chase over the rooftops, portals. I was hooked!

Ever since, I stopped wasting any more time and began to learn as much as I could about Dungeons & Dragons and role-playing. I bought supplement books, researched online, and started DMing myself.

I've played Adventurers League every week for about half a year. I played in a coworker's homebrew campaign. I finished running a campaign of Ghosts of Saltmarsh and as of writing this I'm currently running Descent into Avernus.

This summer I also started realizing that there are other games than D&D. I got bit by the OSR bug.

I've GM'd (notice I'm not using the term "DM" anymore) sessions of DCC RPG and Maze Rats. I'm planning a campaign of Hot Springs Island, possibly using The Black Hack, or my own OSR hack. Finally, I've also played Savage Worlds and Tales from the Loop. On my playlist is Mörk Borg and Vaesen.

As you can see, I've been busy, and I'm loving every moment of it. So, I decided to start this blog.

I'm hoping that this will be my outlet to share my thoughts on RPGs, original homebrew content, reviews, and perhaps even a solo play series.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you will enjoy traveling through the reaches of my mind!