Why did the mansion fall into the ice cave?

Brainstorming holiday adventures

17-12-2021 - 0 minutes, 47 seconds -
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Up on a frozen mountain lies a frozen lake with an island and a mansion on it. In summer the lake's ice melts causing maelstroms and huge blocks of ice to appear in its fast currents making it impossible to cross. But now it's winter and the lake has frozen again. The villagers from the edge of the lake are preparing for the solstice feast which is held every year at the mansion. They each grab a basket of food for the feast, get on their sleds, and ride smiling in high spirits across the lake. But something is amiss. The mansion is gone. In its place is just a huge icy hole leading into darkness. The people despair over this calamity, but a few brave souls step forward and look down the hole. They enter the hole. And they are gone.

So. Why did the mansion fall down into the ice cave? What do you think?